About Charlotte

Charlotte before the big hair chop.
Charlotte is an artist of all sorts, writer, and instructor who currently lives in Montreal, Quebec with her partner. 

She believes in kindness, health, learning, honesty, community, and enjoyment. She tries to live so that all she does and does not do expresses her intentions.

Wherever she is, she is lucky enough to be surrounded by great people.

Charlotte and her partner Scott dance at a Montreal block party.

She has worked and volunteered with community centres, the YWCAs of Hamilton, the YMCAs of Montreal, and The Centre for Arts in Human Development. She enjoys working with a wide variety of populations.

Her mission: To motivate individuals to reach their full potential through a holistic view of health and wellness. 

She leads exercise sessions for groups and individuals as a means towards their emotional and physical well-being. 

She creates all sorts of art, writes, sings, and dances as a means towards her own. :-)

She is:

-A YMCA certified personal trainer, group toning and GROOVE creative dance instructor with over 300 hours of instruction experience.

-A Graduate of Concordia University in Music Composition and Interdisciplinary Studies in the Fine Arts

-A Graduate of Dawson College in Fine Arts

In her time she breathes, loves, writes, dances, paints, sings, cooks, reads, discusses, listens, bikes, swims, walks, works, and sleeps

She is interested in details, patterns, textures, and symbols coming together to create the whole.  She loves skies and leaves, arts and culture, positive affirmations, something made or learned each day, and Star Trek.


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