Friday, 31 May 2013

Remember Your Power- A Fantastic Friday Assignment

Happy Fantastic Friday!

Photo by ~ggvic~
 It's time to reflect on how awesome you are, celebrate getting through another month and maybe re-evaluate your strategies for long-term goals, or think of some new ones for the month.

This month, the challenge is to remember that you are powerful. 

In everything you do. 
In every word you speak. 
In every decision you make. 
In every action you take. 
You have power.

One great way to keep this in mind for a 30-Day Challenge is to be conscious of the decisions you make that you really feel good about. You could incorporate them into a diary, an agenda, a gratitude journal, whatever works for you.

When you sit down to write, just remember those decisions you made. You decided to compliment someone on their dress, you decided to make dinner for your family, you decided to take time to paint, or you worked out, or gardened, or spoke out, or helped someone move, or said 'no' to a request, or chose vegetables over sweets, or indulged yourself.

You make these decisions even if they sometimes seem choiceless. The choices we make seem the best to us at the time. Be proud of them, accept them, and recognize your power. You have so much of it.

Live well, you powerful people.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Free Activities for Rainy Day Montreal

Photo from Flickr user A.M. Kuchling
The weather over these past few weeks have been erratic here in Montreal. I love to spend my free time on a nice day walking about, lazing on the grass, and playing in the park. However, when the weather's iffy, it's another story. I wrote recently about watching less TV, but on those days curling up with a movie is tempting. Staying in and cooking, reading, or doing something else fun is definitely an option.

Still, if you want to get out of of the house, but not out in the rain. There are some free to cheap activities to check out.