Friday, 19 October 2012

30-Day-Challenge: Dance-Party Everyday!

About this time last year I started my first posts on this blog and one of the first thing I wrote about was dancing and how amazingly awesome it is. So awesome in fact that dancing is my new 30-day challenge.
Photo by uwdigitalcollections

Friday, 5 October 2012

Apples: worth the hunt.

About 2 weeks ago, one of my lovely sisters and our boyfriends went apple picking (or apple-hunting depending on your point of view) on the south shore to mark my birthday. It was lots of fun despite, or maybe because of,  the rickety ladders and elusive apples. It was a nice change of pace, nobody fell, and at 4$ a head, including the apples, it was a pretty nice, cheap, somewhat physical activity.  

Photo by Carolyn Callender
At the end of the day, we were loaded with apples. I mean loaded, like fill a pillowcase with apples and that's my household's half of it. Now, apples are nutritious and a great local offering, but, there's only so many apples that a person can eat so I've been making some easy recipes with that lovely fruit. Not only are these yummy and in keeping with my nutrition goals, but with Thanksgiving around the corner, they'll make a great offering at the holiday meal.

The first recipe we made is Apple Vinny.