Friday, 21 September 2012

At-Home Workouts

Photo by ~ggvic~
After my last post on healthy gift ideas, I decided to ask for a gym membership starting in October and for a few bucks for Dawson's climbing wall. While I wait for my gym membership to start, I've been working on getting my free workouts. 

Today, I got some walking and biking in as I publicized my autumn dance class around Montreal. I've also been getting my swimming on at the NDG sports complex (Oh, NDG how I love you!). I tried the rock-climbing and will definitely be going back. Aside from that, I've been keeping fit at home. With minimal equipment, you can definitely get sweating. Here are a few tips to get it on.
1. Do the chores.  

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Receiving Healthy Gifts- From Others and Yourself

Last week I moved and my gym memberships (I had one because of my class) expired on the same day. These facts combine to leave me with a no-gym delemma. As I've discussed in a few posts on free to cheap exercise, a gym is not absouletly necessary to get a workout, but I sure find it helps to get me working my hardest and the classes help to keep me in the schedule. So now, with the no-gym, what's a girl to do?
Photo by mariachily
Luckily my birthday's coming up, so I've thought of a few ways to invest in things I will actually use to be healthy and some ways to get healthy gifts. 

Healthy Option #1: 
Try something you've always wanted to.