Friday, 30 August 2013

You Are A Genius- A Fantastic Friday Challenge

Happy Fantastic Friday, you geniuses!

Yep I missed last month, but I'm not going to beat myself down; it has been a crazy time. Everyone in my immediate family moved at least once this summer and my boyfirend and I changed not only cities, but provinces. What?! I know. Now, we're calling The Hammer, otherwise known as Hamilton, Ontario, our new home. With that came a whole set of things to do, prepare, adjust to, and deal with and it's happening. Point being- I'm a genius. Really.

You are too.

Everyday, we get things done. Big things, small things, little things that have been nagging us for months or that suddenly came into our minds. We get sh*t done, we figure it out, in our ways, at our own pace. We're all great at something (and we're not so bad at the rest). This month, celebrate that. Yeah, I'm sure there are things you want to improve, we've all got them, but give yourself a pat on the back for your awesome geniusness. I know I will. Here are a few of my strategies for doing this
  1. Keep track of the things You do. My agenda is full of stuff to get done with some of them crossed out,  but lately I've started also tracking that things that I did; the things that weren't planned but that I accomplished. High five yourself! 
  2. Take Before and After Pictures. When I moved in, my room was covered in loud stripes that threatened my sleep. It just wasn't my thing. I painted them right out and got my room a little calmer. We also had to cut my boyfriend's bedframe in half and put it back together in the room for doorway related reasons- comical and ingenius. It's super easy to forget that accomplishment, except I've got the proof. (Gotta love cameras in phones and duct tape)
  3. Keep Records.  Like I mentioned in my post on food journals, it's important to recognize your good habits and keeping a record can make that easier. I recommend this for anything where you are likely to lose track of your awesome progress; progress in things like fat loss, learning how to bake pies, jack-hammer, or type faster, ANYTHING. It feels great to look back and see the wonderful job you did. 
  4. Just Remember That You're Awesome. Even if I don't remember exactly what I did, I try to trust myself enough to know that I get the job done. I'm smart, I work hard, and I rock. I'm sure I did/am doing something completely awesome. It's totally okay to tell yourself that or add any other positive adjective you want in there.  

This month, try to remember everyday, that YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT, even if it's trying, even if it's just making it through. Congratulate yourself and your awesome genius!

Live well, 
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Friday, 19 July 2013

Food Journals- A Powerful Tool


“The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook.” - Julia Child

Image by By MStewartPhotography

Actually. I think it's never. The key to healthy eating is not to starve on rice cakes and pine away for "bad" foods, but to be conscious of what we eat and how much we actually eat of it.

Without even realizing it, it can be very easy to eat much more than we planned without realizing it. Luckily, for the planning and realizing part, there's a food journal- a handy-dandy tool for healthy eating.

What the %$*# is a food journal?

Friday, 28 June 2013

See Your Strengths- A Fantastic Friday Challenge


Happy Fantastic Friday!

Photo by ~ggvic~

It seems the months are just flying by and it's time again to reflect on how awesome you are, celebrate getting through another month and maybe re-evaluate your strategies for long-term goals, or think of some new ones.

This month, the challenge is to remember your strength. You are strong, in different areas, in different ways, at different times. You are strong. Take a moment to celebrate that.

We all have our challenges, but we also have things that we excel at. Maybe our strength is our ability to be kind,or speak publicly, or help a friend, or figure out solutions, or climb mountains, or do complex  math, or bake a cake, or be curious, or be persistent, or you are making it through a tough time. Whatever qualities make us up, whatever we do, we have strength. We are strong. 

As you go through the month, keep that in mind, and every day, congratulate yourself as you use those strengths that are developed, and as you work on the ones that aren't as firm.

You are strong. Remember that.

Live well, Charlotte

Friday, 14 June 2013

Rise To Your Own Challenge

I have a confession to make... I'm really pretty terrible at throwing a frisbee. I throw it and it ends up
somewhere behind me, a little to the right, or it used to, but I'm getting better. 

It seems like a little thing and it's a little embarrassing to throw like that to the (imagined) stares of other park-goers, but I know it has the potential to be a fun pass-time for my patient boyfriend and I and it's fun. While concentrating on throwing a frisbee in the general direction of the person may seem like a silly thing to concentrate on, it's my challenge. It fits where I'm at right now. What's my point? We've all got to rise to our own challenges. 

Frisbee is a little thing, but we all have things we take for granted that others may find difficult to do and vice versa, so be where you are, embrace it. We're all unique and that's perfect. If you are lifting the 2lb weights for your work out, work it. If eating 1 veggie per meal is very difficult, but your goal, keep at it. If walking to the corner store is your challenge, be as proud as the cross-country walker as you stride.

Rise to your own challenge, no matter what that is and be proud that you are working towards it. If it's worth it to you, it's worth it.

Live well, Charlotte

P.S. I'm starting a summer GROOVE session in NDG on Tuesday night. I find the class really celebrates that we are all unique. If you're interested, contact me for more details.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Delicious Date Balls- Sweet and Simple

I love a sweet treat, especially one where  I recognize al of the ingredients. So, when I saw some date-coconut balls at the grocery, I had to try to make them. 
I found a few recipes and decided they lied somewhere between the dates not pureeing in my blender and the mess in my kitchen getting bigger. Not one to give up, I tried my own approach which I think worked well, is flexible, simple, and yummy. Check it out below.

Sweet and Simple Date Balls

Friday, 31 May 2013

Remember Your Power- A Fantastic Friday Assignment

Happy Fantastic Friday!

Photo by ~ggvic~
 It's time to reflect on how awesome you are, celebrate getting through another month and maybe re-evaluate your strategies for long-term goals, or think of some new ones for the month.

This month, the challenge is to remember that you are powerful. 

In everything you do. 
In every word you speak. 
In every decision you make. 
In every action you take. 
You have power.

One great way to keep this in mind for a 30-Day Challenge is to be conscious of the decisions you make that you really feel good about. You could incorporate them into a diary, an agenda, a gratitude journal, whatever works for you.

When you sit down to write, just remember those decisions you made. You decided to compliment someone on their dress, you decided to make dinner for your family, you decided to take time to paint, or you worked out, or gardened, or spoke out, or helped someone move, or said 'no' to a request, or chose vegetables over sweets, or indulged yourself.

You make these decisions even if they sometimes seem choiceless. The choices we make seem the best to us at the time. Be proud of them, accept them, and recognize your power. You have so much of it.

Live well, you powerful people.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Free Activities for Rainy Day Montreal

Photo from Flickr user A.M. Kuchling
The weather over these past few weeks have been erratic here in Montreal. I love to spend my free time on a nice day walking about, lazing on the grass, and playing in the park. However, when the weather's iffy, it's another story. I wrote recently about watching less TV, but on those days curling up with a movie is tempting. Staying in and cooking, reading, or doing something else fun is definitely an option.

Still, if you want to get out of of the house, but not out in the rain. There are some free to cheap activities to check out.